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Edwin van den Berg

My name is Edwin and I’m the founder of TripsTrading.com.

After finishing my Master of Business Administration, I worked for 5 years at a Private Bank as an Investment Banker and my second job was as an Analyst Listed Stocks for one of the biggest Asset Managers in the world, APG in Amsterdam. I started this blog to deliver quality trading content with the simple goal to help the Average Joe stop losing money to the pro’s (in the end, it’s a zero sum game, who’s feeding who?).


Currently, I am working for a University of Applied Sciences, where I was the Course Director of a 4 year Bachelor Programme (International Finance and Accounting) and within this program, I taught several courses, such as Financial Investment Analysis and International Financial Management. Currently I am working at the Finance Department as a Financial Controller.

I’m married to my wonderful wife Amber and our first child is on its way, so life is good!

Feel free to ask questions if I can be of help.

Enjoy the day!