S&P500 – CFD Strategy Update & 1h Chart

Pattern of Price: Lower Lows and Lower Highs. Price is clearly trending down, red trend lines, Triangle.

Elliot Wave: 

Short Term  – 1h chart updated – Wave iii down of 5 down seems in progress, not finished yet. Lower Lows to come. Scenario invalid if 2022 breaks to the upside.

Medium TermDaily Chart – Wave 5 down to finish Wave IV down.

RSI: Triangle. Often an early warning sign of volatility to come.

Time and Cycles: TTCM Date OCT 6 & 8. Bradley Model date OCT 9&10.

PutCall: biased towards puts. Click here.

SPX:VIX: click here.

S&P500 Daily Chart: same pattern as 1987 and 2011.

Click here for an overview of Positions, Risk Management, Strategy and Trades.

Click here for the S&P500 Daily chart and here for the S&P500 Weekly chart.

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