S&P500 – How Cycles Take Their Time

According to my research, markets move in cycles, of which the table of 7 days (5 trading days) plays an important role. For example, when the 21, 35, 42, 63 day cycle line up, it’s Time to get ready for a change in trend (S&P500).

Today, OCT 8,  points at a 7, 21, 42, 119 and 154 day cycle (TripsTrading Cycle Model, TTCM).

Tomorrow and Saturday represent a Bradley Model Date, OCT 9 and 10. According to the Bradley Model: October 9-10 – On these two Days there are very strong turns in both the Middle Terms and Declinations, and this could result in an especially strong turn.

If the total cycle lasts 63 days, the decline will last till OCT 26. The 1850 -30 Price Target is based on the Negative Reversal of SEP 30.

So the cycles seem lined up to change the short term trend.

Click here for the comparison of the corrective wave of 2011 vs 2015, click here for the latest update of the TripsTrading Cycle Model and click here for the Bradley Model Dates.

SPX OCT 8 4h

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