TripsTrading Cycle Model

Dear members,

According to the TTCM, the S&P500 is likely to change trend NOV:

  • Friday 6 – Monday 9,  Friday 13 – Monday 16, Friday 20 – Monday 23, Friday 27 – Monday 30

Bradley Model Dates, NOV:

  • 6, 10, 25

Several other things I notice:

  • Friday, Monday, Friday, Monday, Friday etc…you get my point.
  • Longer Term Cycles (1077, 1143) point to a bigger change in Trend OCT 30 – NOV 6 and NOV 20-27.

Target Prices to the downside are 2020 (38.2%) and 1970 (61.8%). Click here for my Strategy and Trades based on Cycles.

Click here for the latest update of the S&P500 Daily Chart, including Elliot Wave and Trend Analysis.

For tomorrow, I would like to see a surge up into 2115, top out and decline rapidly into or after the weekend. Just my guesstimate, I believe it’s better to trade the SwingAlert and/or TradeAlert.

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