DAX – New Membership

As of now a new Membership starts for the German Market, the DAX.

Content of the Membership (25 Euro per Month):

  • A Daily update of the Swing Alert, after the DAX close (future) and before the new trading session. The Swing Alert will explain if the underlying trend is long or short, simply based on statistical analysis. It will answer the question: how to position yourself for the next few days to come?
  • Real life DAX trades based on the Swing Alert when a nice risk/reward ratio occurs.
  • A Weekly update of the DAX, based on the Daily chart, included Elliot Wave theory, Pattern Recognition, RSI in relation to Price and Fibonacci.
  • Access to our Traders Chat, to share trading ideas, ask questions and help each other.

If you subscribe now (third button on the left side of the homepage or click here), you will receive a limited 14 Day FREE TRIAL!


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