What do FB, TWTR and BABA have in common? SNAP next?

First thing these companies have in common is that they do not produce any real products, it’s all about advertising and big data.

Secondly, they show the same pattern of price after IPO (initial public offering). The pattern that I’m referring to is the following: Facebook drops after the IPO, forms a cup/bowl pattern, going up again and then breaks to the downside (red ellipse). Same for Twitter and Alibaba. Tesla showed a similar pattern after IPO, but less downside the first weeks…maybe because Tesla actually produces and sells a product? 😉

If Facebook, Twitter and Alibaba are any guide for the expected pattern of price of the company that we know as Snapchat, then we should sell now, wait for a price of $21 to $23 to buy (green ellipse), be patient for a couple of weeks and sell when the blue parabolic line breaks to the downside.

Too easy?

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