Tech, Banks, Oil and Gold

Several stocks and trades that I want to discuss briefly in today’s update:

Snapchat – Check out this pattern of recent IPO’s! 

I enjoined most of the ride down, sold the second and third third day of trading, closed them yesterday, 20% return. Now a small long position, +6%, stop loss to break even so it’s a riskless trade.

Apple – forming a flag pattern or triangle…a break > 140 or < 138 should show the direction for the next couple of days. 


Facebook, still trending inside the rising wedge, a bearish topping pattern. 

Keep an eye on the 137.4 and 136.5 to the downside for support levels and 138 resistance for tomorrow.

Trend average is Long > 134.65. 

Short < 134.65, stop loss High + 0.01.

Entered short positions too early, -1.2% currently. Thought it produced a bearish candle stick yesterday and was expecting a bit downside today. Did not happen yet. Stop loss 138.37, yesterday’s high.


Tesla, still on a Sell < 260. Only enjoyed a small part of the ride down mid FEB. 


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This is how I played the sell signal in Gold and Silver 3-5 days ago. Stop Loss to break even now. 

Oil on a Sell since early January < 53-55. I entered a first long position though in Royal Dutch Shell this week, -2% today, so not a good start. Not a trade for the short term, is a long term trade as in years, mainly for the dividend of 6% per year. Small position, 1% of assets. Will buy more dividend paying stocks over the next couple of months if I see buy signals. Financials for example.

Financials USA – all on a long signal, but not looking that energetic anymore, 2% downside needed to trigger sell signals. Not something I want to buy now, rather wait for a Higher Low. 

And finally the S&P500, still on a Long signal, but a new Sell signal is triggered if there’s a daily close < 2356. I;m a bear for the short term (weeks/months) but a bull for the long term (years into 2020). Flight to private assets. 

I still have a 2200 target between now and April-June but so far I have been wrong about the coming correction. Next time, I’ll wait for a sell in candlesticks or trend average, so < 2356.


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S&P500 – It’s now or never

Facebook – Rising Wedge

Cycle Time Windows

Snapchat – Fundamental and Technical Sell

DAX Cup and Handle Pattern

The Trend is our Friend Dashboard: Stocks USA and EU, Commodities, Bitcoin and Interest Rates

S&P500 vs VIX – something doesn’t add up

S&P500 Elliott Wave and Cycles

Snapchat, same IPO pattern as Facebook, Twitter and Alibaba? 

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The following documentary shows 3 Cycles of Time that have a direct impact on our lives and investment decisions:

  1. Global Warming and the next Ice Age to come. CO2 will be reduced significantly, same as every cycle has happened so far.
  2. The bond market will collapse, interest rates will go up and stocks will boom.
  3. The cycle of wars, approaching the climax near 2020.

Although I saw this documentary for the 1st time today, it perfectly aligns with my view on how we should invest for the next couple of years:

Capital Preservation Fund

Check out the Documentary here: Documentary “Missing Links – The Cycles of Time” 

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