Cryptocurrencies – BTC and ETH Crash – Buying Opportunity?

$ETHEREUM  36  $BTC $987  keep crashing down. Check out my positions here.

The Chart showed bearish divergence in the RSI, Lower Highs and Lower Lows and of course, SELL signals in the SuperTrend indicator.

Secondly, maybe even more important, The Euphoria was too much, new funds on cryptocurrencies pop up by the minute, social media and search volume peaked. So we had the crash….Now, I am focused on buying a possible hammer candlesticks for a reversal to the upside. And add positions for the long term.

$btc currently at 987 and $ETHEREUM  at 36. I invest in it for the long term, wallet, no CFD’s. Last week though, I sold 50% of my $btc in my wallet, as I noticed the sell signals, and today I added for half of that 50%, eth at 40. A short term swap and addition to my ETH position. Nice investment for the long term in my view. I would like to buy more eth at 30-35 and btc at 950 if possible. If it doesn’t come down that far, fine with me as I am happy with my current long term positions (max 5% of total assets in cryptocurrencies).

Going all the way down to zero, ridiculous right? 😉

Check out my Portfolio of Cryptocurrencies here.

Enjoy your weekend!

BITCOIN and ETHEREUM crash once again…buying opportunity in my view, long term investment, small part of assets.




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The following documentary shows 3 Cycles of Time that have a direct impact on our lives and investment decisions:

  1. Global Warming and the next Ice Age to come. CO2 will be reduced significantly, same as every cycle has happened so far.
  2. The bond market will collapse, interest rates will go up and stocks will boom.
  3. The cycle of wars, approaching the climax near 2020.

Although I saw this documentary for the 1st time today, it perfectly aligns with my view on how we should invest for the next couple of years:

Capital Preservation Fund

Check out the Documentary here: Documentary “Missing Links – The Cycles of Time” 

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