ADP Report – 15m USDJPY Risk Off – Stocks to Follow?


After the ADP Report, the USDJPY sold off, signaling Risk Off mode. Stocks barely moved…

As I mentioned before, on the way up the USDJPY works as a Central Bank policy, pushing prices higher.

On the way down, the correlation seems to be gone….like if they hold it up artificially….nah, can’t be, right?

I wonder what will happen when they turn back on the machines again…Will stocks catch up or will the USDJPY reverse losses and push the S&P500 even higher?

I wish I knew…what I do know is that it is hard to be a bear on stocks up till now, but something’s brewing guys….also check S&P500 vs VIX and Cycle Dates S&P500.

Enjoy your weekend!


S&P500 vs USDJPY 15m Chart

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