Daily Archives: June 11, 2017

Why you should check this website every week

Hi all, This post is intended to clarify when and where I will update my strategy, portfolio, trades and charts. I hope it helps to use this website more efficiently. End of Month:  Cyclical Model Report – an overview of the short and medium term cycles of the S&P500 Total […]

Ethereum +46% in 8 days and +814% since March….2017!!!

ETHEREUM UPDATE TRADE JUNE 3 Entered @ $ 225 June 3, Sold 60% @ $329 June 11: +46%    CURRENT CRYPTOCURRENCY POSITIONS Ethereum is on fire, increasing by 46% in only 8 days. And then to think that I bought my first ETH for $36 in March….2017!! That’s a whopping +814% […]