Weekend Update – US Markets – Nasdaq and S&P500 – Patterns and Cycles


TripsTrading.com Weekend Update September 2, 2017 (pdf)


Hi all,

Great week for my portfolios as the cryptos Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and LTC performed very well and I was able to realize great profits on 50% of cryptos in portolio. Now, I’ll wait for a Higher Low to increase the long position again.

The US markets bounced back up, following the patterns that I mentioned in the Weekend Update of August 26. In this weekend update, September 2, I would like to follow up on the Charts and Ideas of last week, as for now, the patterns seem quite accurate.

If you haven’t read that update yet, please make sure that you do this first (click here) in order to better understand the charts and strategy of this weekend.

Feel free to follow the story/my strategy by clicking on the pdf link. All my trades are free for anyone to see. Simply open a free account at eToro and you can check my portfolio, trades, stats and ask questions/share ideas.

For the S&P500, Nasdaq. DAX and VIX trades, click here: EdwinVandenBerg  +8.4% since inception, February 1, 2017.




For the Crypto Trades (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LTC, ETC) click here: PatternTrader11 +30.9% since inception, August 1, 2017.



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Enjoy your weekend!




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