S&P500 & VIX – Cycle of 70 and Flag Pattern





Hi all,

In this update I want to share my view on the S&P500 and VIX.

During the week, I will share my analysis and trading updates on my trading feed. My account EdwinVandenBerg will be used to trade the US and European stock markets and Bitcoin. Sign up for a free account et eToro  and follow my trades. 

My bond portfolio (short sovereign EU bonds – The Real Bubble Trade) is a flatliner, not much happening yet…but I’m in no rush at all as this is a long term trading idea and a hedge against rising interest rates going into the year 2030.

My portfolio at Poloniex (cryptocurrencies) is up >400% (madness, sometimes I wonder if it isn’t the next Tulip Mania) since the start of 2017.

Enjoy the charts below and your day!






VIX Daily Chart

Keep an eye on the flag pattern, a break above 10.20 is bullish and might target 17+.





S&P500 DAILY CHART – Cycle of 70











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