S&P500 vs Nikkei225 – A Possible Roadmap Into The January Crash




Nikkei225 vs S&P500 

I saw a post on twitter that mentioned that the Nikkei of 1986-1990 resembles the S&P500 of today. So I compared the two charts and this is what the Weekly Chart looks like.

Almost a copy, right?

Scroll down for the Daily Chart and a possible roadmap for the next two months.

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Nikkei225 vs S&P500 Daily Chart – Roadmap into end  of year?

Low into mid/end of November and then sideways into December? 

And then crash?

It’s almost scary how much the patterns resemble so far.

Keep in mind, this pattern is one of many how it could resolve, so take it lightly. If next week, the S&P500 breaks down < 2580 and tests 38% Fibonacci level @2530, then we should really pay attention and take it seriously.





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