Crypto Rating Desk – ICO Portfolio of 100 – LHCrypto & TokenPay

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Crypto Rating Desk – ICO Portfolio of 100 – LHCrypto & TokenPay

Crypto Rating Desk and our ICO Portfolio of 100

I started a new project, for and by my international students.

We analyze upcoming ICO’s and when we see a project that we like, we contribute. Our latest contribution is LHCrypto, a token that pays out a monthly cash flow, has a working business model and is active in a growth market.

We now have 14 contributions, and our goal is to build a portfolio of 100 tokens that generates a periodic cash flow (Portfolio of 100).

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One of our latest Contributions:

LHCrypto – Monthly Cash Flow Token

Whenever we analyze new ICO’s, we mainly focus on the ones that have a solid and revenue generating business model in place (so more than just an idea), a strong management team and active in a growth market. And last but certainly not least, we prefer tokens that pay out a periodic cash flow to token holders (see video and cash back program below).

LHCrypto matches those requirements. And the first year, a 20% yield (from nominal value, see video) is guaranteed by the broker itself.

We contributed to the LHCrypto ICO, for 1% of portfolio. We could increase this to 2% (hard cap) of total assets once the token is listed. Check out our Portfolio of 100. 



One of our latest Contributions:

TokenPay – Bitcoin on Steroids! 

TokenPay is a decentralized and self-verifying payment platform project.

Based entirely on mathematics it is designed to enable secure transactions between multiple parties. With maximum user security as the focal point, the system is accessed exclusively through the encrypted Tor Browser. Transactions are conducted with its own proprietary and untraceable digital asset called TPAY that is embedded with the latest and most advanced safety features. These characteristics include a stealth addressing system, encrypted messaging, completely anonymous trading and a uniquely designed hashing algorithm that enables fast and secure confirmations under any conditions.

pp 1.PNG

The robust digital ecosystem is further fueled by a custom built 2-of-3 Multisignature Transaction Engine (MTE). This advanced protocol protects the user of the TPAY token. This is because each party must approve the transaction before the corresponding data is published on the blockchain. Unlike a traditional payment service, there is no centralized handling of user funds at any point in time. Participants generate their own pairs of private keys and public addresses. While the private keys are kept secret, users freely distribute the public addresses.

pp 2.PNG

Continue reading here, at the ICO News Page of 

Contribute to this ICO now and earn a 50% Bonus Rate!

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We contributed to the TokenPay ICO, for 0.01 BTC.

Follow our Portfolio of 100 here.

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