Day: January 12, 2018

Technical Analysis and Trading Ideas

Dow Monthly Target @ 25.800 (Check) – Tag and Reverse, Just Like in 1987?

So far, the resemblance between the vertical pattern of the DJI 1970-1987 and the current vertical pattern of the DJI is remarkable. If this pattern keeps aligning, then it looks like the US stock markets are on its way for a rough year. CHART 1 – Dow Jones Industrial – Monthly Chart – Target 25.800…
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The Real Bubble Trade – US and EU Interest Rates

Are interest rates about to break out? Is the Bull Market in Bonds over?¬†And is this the time to hedge your interest rate risk? The last time I wrote about one of the biggest bubbles out there (record low interest rates), it was June 30, 2017, and I mentioned that I invest part of my…
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Cloud Mining Results – How To Turn A Simple Interest (0.5%/day) Into A Compounded Annual Return of 514%

One of my crypto cloud mining contracts, E&E Mining, offers the opportunity to re-invest the cryptocurrencies that are mined within your contract. And that’s a game changer as I will show you with the following two scenarios: Use the GHs (Mining Power) to mine ETH and do not reinvest the mined cryptos – I invested…
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