Cloud Mining Experiment – 3 out of 3 2

So far, I have been able to withdraw the minimum amount for a third time in a row, making my total withdrawals equal 90% of my investment. So I need one more minimum withdrawal to break even + make a profit of 20% on investment. For now, it’s been smooth sailing and easy money, so I wonder…now that I reach break even point, am I in the eye of the storm?

On Monday, I will be able to request the 4th minimum withdrawal, so stay tuned for updates on my blog/homepage. 

Feel free to start with the free version, all you need is a BTC address and make up your own 4 digit code as password. If it turns out to be a scam, then I will notify you as soon as possible and the free version did no harm. If it turns out to be legit, then you’ve already started to make some free BTC.


Below an overview of my 4 cloud mining contracts.

At the moment, I prefer E&E Mining for it’s simplicity to use, the opportunity to exchange mined crypto into power and switch between cryptos that you want to mine. If you have a better (legit) alternative, then please feel free to share in the comments.  



BTC ProMiner

Start JAN 3 – Investment 0.01 BTC ($150), Withdrawals: $ 0.009 BTC (90% paid back, after fees) since 11 days.

JAN 12 – I have made a request for the 3rd withdrawal limit of 0.0035 BTC, bringing my investment close to break even: a free lunch for the days to come?

And it got paid JAN 14, 2018, 2 days later, not bad at all. 

Sign up for a FREE Version (v1.0) by clicking on the image below.


For the latest update of the E&E Mining contract, click here:

Cloud Mining Results – How To Turn A Simple Interest (0.5%/day) Into A Compounded Annual Return of 514%


Total Portfolio Strategy 2018

If you want to read more about my Total Investment Strategy, then please read this update first: 2017 Performance and Total Portfolio. 

Or read my latest update on the US Markets: Dow Jones Industrial, Party Like It’s 1987! 

This is what I will do over the next couple of weeks/months:



Follow or Copy other Traders! 


Crypto Rating Desk and our ICO Portfolio of 100

ps. I started a new project, for and by my international students.

We analyze upcoming ICO’s and when we see a project that we like, we contribute. Our latest contribution is LHCrypto, a token that pays out a monthly cash flow, has a working business model and is active in a growth market.

We now have 15 contributions, and our goal is to build a portfolio of 100 tokens that generates a periodic cash flow (Portfolio of 100).

Feel free to follow our ideas:

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2 thoughts on “Cloud Mining Experiment – 3 out of 3

  • Chin Holland

    I’ve signed up for the paid version BTCProMiner as well, but have not been able to complete any withdrawls. The site says it takes 10 or more days to process then just today I went to check my account and the account link has been hijacked. When I go to click on it, it takes me to someones affiliate page over at BTCProMiner has not replied to any of my multiple contact/ticket requests.

    I also noticed that the startminer page is identical to the BTCProMiner site in terms of the structure and even the company registration number. This all makes me think I’ve just thrown my money away to a pyramid scam where early subscribers are paid with the new inflow of bitcoin. I’m not convinced there is a single mining rig anywhere… such a shame.

    • Edwin van den Berg Post author

      I think I have to agree, I have done some research and it looks like you will only get paid if you bring in new people, so a classic ponzi scheme. As I mention on the site, please do not throw money at it, let me experiment first…but for now, stay away from this website.