VIX Up, Stocks Up – Butterfly Effect?

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VIX Up, Stocks Up – Butterfly Effect?

VIX is on the rise since JAN 4, while stocks keep on surging to new record highs…normally, they move in opposite direction…Keyword here is normally.

Based on cycles, a High could be due in the week of JAN8/9 – 16/17, so that could explain the protection buying 😉

What I do understand after reading several articles on the VIX and VXX positioning, is that the mass is short volatility and a break of VIX from 10 to 13, could unraffle the equity markets in a heart beat. The so called Butterfly Effect.




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Bitcoin - What will be first? $10.000 or $18.000?



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If you want to read more about my Total Investment Strategy, then please read this update first: 2017 Performance and Total Portfolio. 

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