Edwin van den Berg

WEEKEND UPDATE TripsTrading.com Weekend Update September 2, 2017 (pdf)   Hi all, Great week for my portfolios as the cryptos Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and LTC performed very well and I was able to realize great profits on 50% of cryptos in portolio. Now, I’ll wait for a Higher Low to […]

Weekend Update – US Markets – Nasdaq and S&P500 – ...

Hi all, I made several changes to current trades and a couple new trades in my two trading portfolios at eToro. All my trades are transparent and for anyone to see. Regarding the S&P500 and Nasdaq trades, I tightened the stop loss on the long positions, +6% in the money […]

Trading Update – S&P500 and Ripple

Hi all, I have been working on a new interesting project called Paragon, a California-based cannabis startup that wants to create a cryptocurrency for business-to-business transactions in the marijuana industry, along with a blockchain-powered supply chain system for legal transparency and quality assurance. If you would like to know more about Paragon […]

New Crowd Sale – Paragon (PRG)