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Click here for the latest Trading Updates! – – This is how you could use this website: I will share my Trading Ideas in this section: Charts & Trading Ideas, discussing all assets that I trade at eToro, so feel free to check in now and then to see if […]

New Charts & Trading Ideas – S&P500 DAX Bitcoin and ...

Let’s Party like it’s 1999 and Tulips are a Trader’s Best Friend Since Central Banks started printing money out of thin air, financial markets have seen massive inflows of freshly printed fuel. Stocks surged, bonds surged (record low rates) and more recently, even cryptocurrencies have surged….all three showing the same […]

Why the Stock Market will Double – Nasdaq 10k, Dow ...

  – – A Possible Scenario for the S&P500, VIX and VXX Today/Monday, SPX could bounce from support @2393-2400 and late next week re-test the upper boundary of the short term downtrend. What happens if and then at 2420-30 is key for the next few weeks. But first, let’s see […]

A possible scenario – SPX VIX VXX

    CFD Portfolio and Trades During the weekends, I will share my CFD Portfolio and Trades (click here) for educational and informational purposes. Feel free to check in and of course, I’m always open for debate if you have a different view. I will also share the posts from my eToro […]

CFD Portfolio & Trades

  Recently I came across an interesting opportunity for people that invest in their IRA or 401k. As I understand the story, it’s possible to transfer your paper assets of the IRA or 401k into real, physical Gold. More and more, it seems like governments are preparing to confiscate the […]

IRS Loophole – Rollover Your IRA or 401k into Real ...