Capital Preservation Fund


Capital Preservation Fund 

I’m working on launching my own Investment Fund in March or April 2017 and it is aimed at hedging the next financial crisis once the real bubble bursts –> sovereign bonds  & record low interest rates.


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Capital Preservation Fund – Long Term Strategy into 2020

Asset Allocation

Prepare for the flight out of Public Assets into Private Assets



Investment Strategy 

  • Hedging against rising interest rates and a flight out of Public Assets – The Sovereign Bond Market will collapse!
  • Hedging against increasing costs of living, by investing in Food and Agriculture, Oil and Telecom
  • Taking advantage of the flight to relative safety, and an expected inflow in Private Assets
  • Investing in value companies with a stable and growing dividend payout to hedge for inflation
  • Investing in alternative investments
  • Investing in precious metals as a hedge against government failure



Fund Characteristics

  • No leverage is used in order to keep risks and costs relatively low
  • Monthly Rebalancing, Participation and/or Redemption


Interested? Then stay tuned for updates how to participate and invest in your financial future!

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