4h Chart

 LATEST VIDEO UPDATE   FOLLOW MY TRADES Follow my Trades in the S&P500, Nasdaq, VIX, Bitcoin, Bonds and FAZ: http://tripstrading.com/subscriptions Copy My Trades – eToro – January 2017, I joined eToro, a social trading platform. If you would like to follow my Trades, then feel free to copy my Trades […]

Bitcoin – Keep an eye at $915

European Markets #DAX   Cup and Handle Pattern, smiling at us, a Bullish Continuation Pattern.   Short term: Resistance and sell opportunity 11.900-12.400 (cup), retest 11.300 – 10.700 (handle) and medium term buy the break out >12.400.   Video Update DAX Cup and Handle Stick Pattern I recently joined EToro, […]

DAX – Cup and Handle Pattern