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Charts & Trading Updates – SPX DAX VIX BTC ETH WTI UST USDJPY

  Click here for the latest Trading Update! During the week I will share my Trading Ideas in this section: Charts & Updates, discussing all assets that I trade at eToro, so feel free to check in now and then to see if there's new content shared.  If you want to stay

Why the Stock Market will Double – Nasdaq 10k, Dow 40k and S&P500 5k

Let's Party like it's 1999 and Tulips are a Trader's Best Friend Since Central Banks started printing money out of thin air, financial markets have seen massive inflows of freshly printed fuel. Stocks surged, bonds surged (record low rates) and more recently, even cryptocurrencies have surged....all three showing the same pattern

Why you should check this website every week

Hi all, This post is intended to clarify when and where I will update my strategy, portfolio, trades and charts. I hope it helps to use this website more efficiently. End of Month:  Cyclical Model Report - an overview of the short and medium term cycles of the S&P500 Total Portfolio Asset