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Oil – Is $41 in the cards for June?

  The last time I shared my view on Oil, I explained why I sold the $49-$52 area for a Target of $44-$45, which was reached a lot quicker than I expected though. Unlike stocks, where it's taking an eternity to form a short term High in the S&P500 and Dow Jones

Crude Oil WTI – Daily chart update

First of all my apologies for the lack of updates throughout last week, I came down with a cold, from which I have almost completely recovered. Therefore, I expect that this week the amount of updates will be up to par again. Click here for the latest update of Crude Oil WTI.

Oil 1h – Oil soared higher, now what?

Click here for the latest Crude Oil WTI update.   For those who have no access to the update can view it through a trial membership on the commodity section. The first 14 days for free. Click here for the membership page to see what the commodity section offers.