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Weekend Update – S&P500, Nasdaq, Bitcoin and VIX

        Hi all, In this weekend update I have several interesting charts and patterns to share that could show us the road to take for the next couple of weeks. I also found a lot of amazing charts on the web and social media and these will […]

S&P500 – CFD Strategy Update & 1h Chart

Pattern of Price: Lower Lows and Lower Highs. Price is clearly trending down, red trend lines, Triangle. Elliot Wave:  Short Term  – 1h chart updated – Wave iii down of 5 down seems in progress, not finished yet. Lower Lows to come. Scenario invalid if 2022 breaks to the upside. Medium Term – Daily Chart […]

S&P500 – Strategy for the Week of August 17-22

Click here for the latest update of the 1h, 4h and Daily chart of the SPX, including short and long term Elliot Wave Analysis, Pattern of Trend, Risk Metrics, Cyclical Analysis, The Daily Higher Lower Strategy, Fibonacci Key Levels and of course, my own strategy for this week.  

SPX 4h Chart – Small Corrective Wave followed by new Highs? – Elliot Wave

As I learned throughout the years, managing your risk is the most important factor for trading successfully. You could have 100 good trades and 1 bad trade will blow your portfolio to pieces (been there, will never do it again). That’s why I always emphasize on using a decent risk management that […]

S&P500 – Short and Long Term Elliot Wave Analysis

Click here for the updated SPX 4h Chart and SPX Daily Chart, including: – Short Term Elliot Wave Analysis – Long Term Elliot Wave Analysis – Cyclical Analysis – Current Positions and Strategy – Analysis of Pattern of Trend and RSI – Risk Metrics (SPX:VIX, PutCall and Open Interest). Enjoy […]

S&P500 – The 2100, 2090, >2105 scenario

My original plan was to close the short if the SPX (entered @ 2117), breaks above 2083 and go long in the 2055 area, for the price target of 2090. The stop loss of 2083 was triggered and therefore the short position was closed out. Currently, I don’t have any […]

S&P500 – The 2055, 2090 scenario – How to play

This is how I play my short position SPX, entered @ 2117, 1st target price 2055, stoploss 2083 and a trailing stop of 3% = 60 points. The Target Price 2055 is based on Elliot Wave 3-3-3-2 down and the Green Trendline, support @2045-55. The Stop Loss of 2083 is based […]

Compound Interest – “The 8th Wonder of the World”

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” A famous quote by Albert Einstein. Compound interest depends on two things: 1. the periodic return and 2. the number of periods. Regarding trading, it depends on the number […]

S&P500 – The week starts with a Bang

European markets are set to open -4%, while Wallstreet (futures) will likely open -1.6%, click here for an overview. Click here for the latest update on the capital controls of Greece. When I came home late Saturday, I did not know about Friday’s action and the Greece saga of Saturday. […]