Elliot Wave

New Trades – S&P500, Nasdaq, VIX, Bitcoin and Ethereum

I made several new trades in my two trading portfolios at eToro. All my trades are transparent and for anyone to see. Regarding the S&P500, Nasdaq and VIX trades, click on my name to see the trades I executed in this account: EdwinVandenBerg For the Crypto Trades, click to see […]

Weekend Update – S&P500, Bitcoin and Ethereum – Time to Sell?

Hi all, I wanted to make a video for this weekend’s update, but it seems it’s a challenge when you have a young boy next to you screaming for attention. So today will be a written analysis of the S&P500, Bitcoin and Ethereum. I will start with the Weekly Chart […]

Daily Update – S&P500 and DAX

Dear members, For the updated S&P500 daily chart, please click here. Click here for the updated chart based on CYCLES and TIME. Click here for the latest update of the TripsAlert S&P500 and here for the TripsAlert DAX. If you would like to know my Trading Plan, then please click here for […]