The Real Bubble Trade

Is it ALL a Bubble? Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Car/Student Loans and Cryptos?

        I found this great overview of “The Everything Bubble“ The ultimate effect of unlimited money printing?     Is it ALL a Bubble? Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Car/Student Loans and Cryptos? I do wonder, if almost every asset class show signs of a bubble, then where […]

Weekend Update – US Markets – Nasdaq and S&P500 – Patterns and Cycles

WEEKEND UPDATE Weekend Update September 2, 2017 (pdf)   Hi all, Great week for my portfolios as the cryptos Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and LTC performed very well and I was able to realize great profits on 50% of cryptos in portolio. Now, I’ll wait for a Higher Low to […]

Weekend Update – S&P500 Nasdaq DAX Bitcoin Ethereum

Hi all, In this weekend update I have several interesting charts and patterns to share that could show us the road to take for the next couple of weeks. I also found a lot of amazing charts on the web and social media and these will be added to the […]

DAX – Daily Uptrend under pressure

  – – DAX Weekly and Daily Chart Edit: updated version (July 13) is posted here – Charts and Updates Let’s start with the Weekly Chart (left side): Price reached the upper resistance area 13k, bounced off and is now trending down since mid June finding support at 12.450, the […]

Why the Stock Market will Double – Nasdaq 10k, Dow 40k and S&P500 5k 1

Let’s Party like it’s 1999 and Tulips are a Trader’s Best Friend Since Central Banks started printing money out of thin air, financial markets have seen massive inflows of freshly printed fuel. Stocks surged, bonds surged (record low rates) and more recently, even cryptocurrencies have surged….all three showing the same […]