Bitcoin – Tulip Mania Part 2

  May 19, I dedicated an article to Cryptocurrencies (read here) and that in my view, it was going 2 fast 2 furious, showing much resemblance with the price pattern of tulips during the 17th century. In the meantime, Bitcoin (and all other cryptocurrencies) reached Higher Highs and Bitcoin touched $2800,

The Dow Theory – Part 2

  Start your own Fund and earn money managing a Portfolio!  This post is a follow up on the post I wrote about the Dow Theory. If you haven't read that one yet, then I advice you to read that first (here) before you continue this story.  As I mentioned in that post: "The Sell

DAX – Flag Pattern

    While the US markets form Higher Highs and record closes, the European markets do not follow (yet). For example, the DAX is forming Lower Highs and Lower Lows since the most recent 70 day cycle (May 8, click here).  So investors (or should I say, the Plunge Protection Teams) are pulling

Bitcoin and Ethereum – Tulip Mania?

  In this post I would like to share my view on two Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The last time I shared my view on Bitcoin and Ethereum, mid March, both currencies crashed and I used that as an opportunity to add positions. Last couple of days, I have decreased my

Oil – Is $41 in the cards for June?

  The last time I shared my view on Oil, I explained why I sold the $49-$52 area for a Target of $44-$45, which was reached a lot quicker than I expected though. Unlike stocks, where it's taking an eternity to form a short term High in the S&P500 and Dow Jones

Nasdaq100 – Monthly Trendline @ 5700

      The Nasdaq100 reached the long term Monthly Trend Line @5700 area which should act as strong resistance. Based on my belief of a collapse of the Government Bond market (interest rates up, sell bonds), I think this resistance is only here to be broken to the upside as the flight to

The Dow Theory?

  Hi all, In this post, I would like to share one of the oldest swing trading theories out there, the Dow Theory, and what it currently tells us. The Dow Theory was introduced gradually over the first three decades of the 20th century in editorials in The Wall Street Journal. If you

My Strategy Explained

Hi all, If you would like to know more about the Tools that I use to enter Trades for the short and medium term, then feel free to check this page: My Strategy Explained.  I’m using eToro to execute my strategy, in my account EdwinVandenBerg. Feel free to ask questions if you have any! Enjoy the

S&P500 – Next Cycle Time Windows

Hi all, I just updated my cyclical  model  for April and May 2017 and the outcomes are published on this page - Cycle Dates. Seems that after APR 3-7, APR 27, MAY 3 and MAY 8-14 and mid June are likely the Time Windows in which a change in Trend/start new

Market Update – S&P500 vs VIX, DAX and Oil

  Hi all, Will the S&P500 form a Lower Low < 2320 and match the rounding top pattern? Is VIX ready to drop and pop again? As mentioned before, I will upload my analysis that I share on my eToro feed here on this page. Click on the link for the latest updates of

Crude Oil – Rising Wedge 15m

Hi all, I hope you had a nice and profitable trading week. In this post I will discuss my current thesis on Crude Oil and what price levels are relevant to determine the next move. Enjoy your weekend!   Subscribe and stay informed! Crude Oil Copy My Trades - If you want to follow or copy my Trades,

The week ahead – 4 Stocks to Buy and 4 to Sell

Hi all, In this update I would like to reflect on some of my trades in the PatternTrader11 account from last week and show you guys my watchlist for this week: what stocks to buy or sell? Secondly, I will share my trades on the general markets that I execute in my second

Cryptocurrencies – BTC and ETH Crash – Buying Opportunity?

$ETHEREUM  36  $BTC $987  keep crashing down. Check out my positions here. The Chart showed bearish divergence in the RSI, Lower Highs and Lower Lows and of course, SELL signals in the SuperTrend indicator. Secondly, maybe even more important, The Euphoria was too much, new funds on cryptocurrencies pop up by the

S&P500 vs VIX – Rounding Tops and Bottoms

Hi all, Today I would like to follow up on this analysis, where I explain the rounding top pattern of the S&P500 and the rounding bottom of the VIX. Furthermore, I made several trades yesterday (Tesla long after new BUY signal SuperTrend, Shake Shack long after 3 hammers, Apple and FB (rising

The Real Bubble – Interest Rates

The real bubble in my view, record low interest rates. Once the sovereign bond market collapses, bonds will see an outflow and equities an inflow. That's the reason why I expect Higher Highs for stocks for the next couple of years, flight out of public assets and into private assets. I'm

Arbitrage Strategy – Crude Oil vs RD Shell

An arbitrage idea that I would like to share for feedback. My idea: If you short $OIL, for example $100, no leverage, then you will receive annual fees of 20% at eToro... If you go long $RDS.B , also $100, then you will receive annual dividends of at least 5% (assuming Shell

Tech, Banks, Oil and Gold

Several stocks and trades that I want to discuss briefly in today's update: Snapchat - Check out this pattern of recent IPO's!  I enjoined most of the ride down, sold the second and third third day of trading, closed them yesterday, 20% return. Now a small long position, +6%, stop loss to break

Facebook – Rising Wedge

  A Rising Wedge for Facebook, bearish topping pattern. Intraday selling pressure - Daily Chart close to a break of support/trendline READ MORE:  Snapchat - Fundamental and Technical Sell DAX Cup and Handle Pattern The Trend is our Friend Dashboard: Stocks USA and EU, Commodities, Bitcoin and Interest Rates S&P500 vs VIX - something doesn't add up S&P500

Snapchat – Fundamental & Technical: Sell

  Today, I would like to take a look at Snapchat from a Fundamental and Technical point of view.   Let's start with some  FUNDAMENTALS from the IPO of Snapchat   Conclusion FUNDAMENTALS: Seems like Snapchat is a bit expensive....especially since it does not make a profit, growth seems to be decreasing, and competitors are

DAX – Cup and Handle Pattern

The DAX is forming a Cup and Handle Pattern (Cup is close to finishing, Handle next). A Cup and Handle Pattern is a Bullish Continuation Pattern. Currently, my view is that the Cup is close to finishing and we should expect the Handle (test of 11.300 - 10.700) to be formed

The Cycles of Time: Global Warming, Economy and War

Are you aware of the three major Cycles of Time and our current position? The following documentary shows 3 Cycles of Time that have a direct impact on our lives and investment decisions: Global Warming and the next Ice Age to come. CO2 will be reduced significantly, same as every cycle

Dashboard USA – JP Morgan Bearish Engulfing

Apple tested the green line but failed to close above, now the bears need to see a follow up to the downside to trigger a new sell < 136. Amazon formed a Lower High, while most other stocks formed Higher Highs...early warning! Tesla still on a Sell < 267. The S&P500, DJI, and