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S&P500 vs VIX – Divergence Part 2

      S&P500 vs VIX June 13 Frequent readers know, that I’m expecting a 5%-10% drop in the S&P500 before we take off to Higher Highs and the flight to private assets intensifies. As mentioned in the update of June 2, “S&P500 vs VIX – Bearish vs Bullish Divergence“, the […]

Portfolio Update & Trader of the Day!

  Portfolio Update and Trader of the Day Click here for the Latest Update of My Total Portfolio and see for yourself how I’m invested in CFD’s, equities, bonds, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies. For the Latest Update of the Trader of the Day and if they add value to my […]

Ethereum +46% in 8 days and +814% since March….2017!!!

ETHEREUM UPDATE TRADE JUNE 3 Entered @ $ 225 June 3, Sold 60% @ $329 June 11: +46%    CURRENT CRYPTOCURRENCY POSITIONS Ethereum is on fire, increasing by 46% in only 8 days. And then to think that I bought my first ETH for $36 in March….2017!! That’s a whopping +814% […]

Portfolio Update

Hi all, I just updated my Portfolio, check it out here and see for yourself how I’m invested in Equities, Bonds, Gold and Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Cash. Feel free to ask questions if you have any! Have a good one! – – Subscribe and stay informed! –

S&P500 vs VIX – Bearish vs Bullish Divergence

      S&P500 vs VIX The S&P500 is trending near long term resistance line (blue) @ 2440, forming Higher Highs, while the 14 day RSI is not able to keep up the same pace, forming Lower Highs so far. This is called Bearish Divergence and often shows an overshoot […]

S&P500 – Cycle Dates June 2017

    – THE RELEVANCE OF 7(0)  Based on my own research, it seems that the S&P500 is trending based on an internal cycle of 7(0) calendar days. My research shows that over the past 17 years, the 7, 21, 35, 70, 140 and 280 day cycle are more likely […]

Divergence Model – Spot the odd one out – USDJPY vs DAX vs Oil vs S&P500

  Divergence Model Spot the odd one out…US equities stay strong, no matter what. It’s fascinating to see, that the USDJPY, Oil and European stocks work like fuel to the upside, but to the downside the correlation is completely gone. We all know markets are manipulated, so that should not […]

Bitcoin – Tulip Mania Part 2

  May 19, I dedicated an article to Cryptocurrencies (read here) and that in my view, it was going 2 fast 2 furious, showing much resemblance with the price pattern of tulips during the 17th century. In the meantime, Bitcoin (and all other cryptocurrencies) reached Higher Highs and Bitcoin touched […]

The last time this happened, the VIX surged 40%

Hi all,

In this post I would like to share my current view on the markets and in particular the S&P500 and VIX.

For the S&P500, there’s an important cycle time window coming up, that starts May 8 and could signal a High to be formed this week. That matches the pattern that I see in VIX (the rounding bottom) and if that pattern repeats again, we could be in for a VIX of at least 14 and maybe even 17/18 over the next couple of weeks.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Enjoy your weekend!

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