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New Charts & Trading Ideas – S&P500 DAX Bitcoin and Ethereum

Click here for the latest Trading Updates! – – This is how you could use this website: I will share my Trading Ideas in this section: Charts & Trading Ideas, discussing all assets that I trade at eToro, so feel free to check in now and then to see if […]

S&P500 – Rising Wedge & Next Cycle Time Window

    S&P500 Strategy Update – New Record Highs & Quarterly Results The S&P500 closed the week at record highs @ 2459, approaching long term resistance of the rising wedge and surpassing the High that was formed mid June @ 2450. This week, the quarterly results will start so that […]

A possible scenario – SPX VIX VXX

  – – A Possible Scenario for the S&P500, VIX and VXX Today/Monday, SPX could bounce from support @2393-2400 and late next week re-test the upper boundary of the short term downtrend. What happens if and then at 2420-30 is key for the next few weeks. But first, let’s see […]

Why you should check this website every week

Hi all, This post is intended to clarify when and where I will update my strategy, portfolio, trades and charts. I hope it helps to use this website more efficiently. End of Month:  Cyclical Model Report – an overview of the short and medium term cycles of the S&P500 Total […]

Daily Update – S&P500 and DAX

Dear members, For the updated S&P500 daily chart, please click here. Click here for the updated chart based on CYCLES and TIME. Click here for the latest update of the TripsAlert S&P500 and here for the TripsAlert DAX. If you would like to know my Trading Plan, then please click here for […]