TripsTrading Cycle Model

S&P500 – 1987 vs 2011 vs 2015 – Pattern of Price, Time and Cycles, Elliot Wave and Retracements

The last time I compared 2015 with 2011 and 1987 (click here) I mainly focused on the Pattern of Price and Elliot Wave. Today, I also include the variables Time and Fibonacci. Let’s start with the first image, a presentation of the variable Time (Cyclical Analysis). I will explain what […]

S&P500 – CFD Strategy Update & 1h Chart

Pattern of Price: Lower Lows and Lower Highs. Price is clearly trending down, red trend lines, Triangle. Elliot Wave:  Short Term  – 1h chart updated – Wave iii down of 5 down seems in progress, not finished yet. Lower Lows to come. Scenario invalid if 2022 breaks to the upside. Medium Term – Daily Chart […]

S&P500 – 2015 vs 2011 vs 1987

Click here for the remarkable resemblance of the Patterns of 1987, 2011 and 2015 and the S&P500 Strategy to play. If the current Elliot Wave Daily pattern matches the patterns of 2011 and 1987, then wave 5 down will target 1860, 1830, 1780 and maybe even 1750. Last Friday, Price […]

S&P500 – Elliot Wave, Time and PutCall

SPX 1h chart and Short Term Elliot Wave POSITIONS AND STRATEGY Click here for the latest update on positions and strategy.   ELLIOT WAVE Short Term – Based on the two scenarios mentioned in the 1h chart, the next wave should be a down wave, either purple 3-2 or white […]

S&P500 – Cycle Model AUG 31, Daily Elliot Wave and more…

Click here for the latest update on the TripsTrading Cycle Model. Click here for the Daily Higher Lower Strategy (SELL since AUG 31) and the Daily Elliot Wave analysis (wave 2 down or c down?). Tonight I will update the short term chart, 1h SPX. Feel free to ask questions […]