Crypto Cloud Mining

At the start of January 2018, I started a new experiment and joined the world of Crypto Mining. Since I lack the technical knowledge to build my own mining farm, I decided to give Cloud Mining a chance.

Currently, I have the following 4 cloud mining contracts

  1. HashFlare
  2. E&E Mining
  3. MinerGate
  4. BTC ProMiner


At the moment, I’m satisfied about the results of nr. 1 HashFlare and nr.2 E&E Mining. I am not satsfied about nr. 3 and nr. 4 as I will explain below.


For now, I say: be careful with BTC ProMiner and MinerGate. I will make a new update JAN 17 based on my experience.


Cloud Mining Nr. 1: HashFlare

I invested  $110 in HashFlare….

……..and the expected pay out equals $15/month, mining ETH.




Cloud Mining Nr. 2: BTC ProMiner 

I started with the free version, but quickly changed to the cheapest paid version as the free version felt like watching paint dry. So now I have V1.1 and I paid 0.01 BTC = roughly $ 150 at the time of deposit. The contract states that I will receive 0.0012 BTC per day, which equals roughly $18/day at current BTC market price of $15.000. This sounds like too good to be true ($18/day on an investment of $150), and often when it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Withdrawal 1:

As mentioned in the 1st update, I paid out the first mining results on Jan 6, 2018, see image below.

Withdrawal 2:

JAN 9, 2018 Requested

Paid JAN 11, 2018

 2nd payout: JAN 11, 2017:


Withdrawal 3:

JAN 12, 2018 Requested

Paid JAN 14, 2018

3rd payout: JAN 14, 2017:


Today, January 14, 2018, I’m close to the 4th minimum withdrawal amount of 0.0035 BTC, so for now everything is going smoothly and I need 2 more days like this to have earned my investment back. In 2 days, my original investment is paid back and I have a risk free, BTC generating asset. That’s the way I like it.



Below you’ll find an overview of the paid versions you can choose from. If you’re interested, then please use this link to sign up as it allows me to make some money on referral fees and it will not cost you any extra. Thank you in advance!



Conclusion: seems too good to be true.





Cloud Mining Nr. 3: E&E Mining 

– I invested $500 and in return I received 2257 GHs (+100 bonus GHs for 30 days). 


E&E Mining provides the opportunity to mine the following cryptos. As you can see, I currently use this account to mine Litecoin. 


Based on my investment of $500, I get the following expected payout which equals a 15% return per month based on network complexity and price of LTC.






Cloud Mining Nr. 4: MinerGate

I invested 0.0074 BTC and in return I get 767 GHs (hash power).


I will keep you guys updated about the progress!