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Welcome to my Cryptocurrency Portfolio

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A couple of years ago, I bought my first two Bitcoins. Since then, a lot of new currencies have been introduced such as Dash, Ripple and of course, Ethereum.

These currencies could be the future of money, so I decided to invest 5% of my assets in Cryptocurrencies. Currently, this 5% investment has doubled in value so now I’m invested for 10% of my assets in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash etc…

When BTC and ETH crashed in March, I added Ethereum at $36, currently trading at $90, tulip mania? Recently, end of May, I took some profit and moves a part into cash, waiting for a new opportunity to add coins (BTC, ETH, Dash, Z-cash). Now, I’m working on an analysis of every individual coin listed below, both from a fundamental as a technical point of view. Stay tuned for updates!

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I’m using Cryptonator as my digital wallet. It’s very easy to use and it offers an opportunity to switch between the different currencies with the click of a mouse.

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Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum at eToro