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This page will be used to share the Trading Updates that I post on eToro, one of the most interesting Social Trading Platforms out there.

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Charts & Updates

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July 21

FTSE100 facing resistance from trendline





July 20




July 17



July 16

I found this chart on the eToro feed, showing the DJI during the famous 1987 crash compared to the current pattern.

We all have seen charts like this before and no one knows if history will repeat, but it sure does look like so far.



July 14


July 13


S&P500 Daily Chart – Wedge Up – Bearish Reversal once it breaks…






July 11


June 27

June 26



June 23

Oil Weekly Chart and 4h chart


 June 22

I’m with the Pessimists for the Short/Medium Term, Weekly Bearish Reversal Candlestick

Long Term, I’m still Bullish (Flight to Private Assets, into equities and out of Sovereign Bonds)


June 22