Technical Analysis and Trading Ideas




Before you can even start thinking about Trading, you need to arrange several things.


1. Strategy and Risk Management

First of all, you need to develop your own Strategy and determine your Risk Management. Click on the link to learn more about my Strategy and the tools you could use to set up your own Strategy. Feel free to ask questions is something is not clear.


2. Broker

Secondly, you need a Broker to execute the Trades.

Currently, I’m using two brokers:

eToro – The thing I like about eToro is the Social Feed and the opportunity to copy other Traders. Easy to use platform

Popular Investor2 - EN

Plus500 – For if I want to play high leverage (300x) or micro positions.



3. Chart like a Pro

Thirdly, if you trade based on Technical Analysis, then it could be handy to use a platform like Tradingview which is a great Tool to set up your own charts and learn from other technicians. If you want the basic membership, which is really helpful and easy to use, then it is free of charge. If you want the Pro edition, then a $10 monthly fee is charged.