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 Total Portfolio

May 2017

YTD +21.9%



*Average weight of the assets during the period JAN -MAY 2017, this does not represent the weight at the end of the period. Read my blog for the latest Trades and Asset changes.

25% Cash at the Bank – waiting to buy the dip in Equities, flight to private assets

5% Cash at Hand – USD and EUR, always smart to have some cash, you never know if or when you might need it

31% Gold and Silver coins – the physical ones of course, not the paper version

21% CFD Portfolio – at eToro and Plus500

15% Cryptocurrencies – Check out this page to see what cryptocurrencies I have sold and added recently  (sold BTC and ETH after the recent surge up, took some advantage of the drop and now I have 50% of the original weight left and I added Dash).

3% Short EU Sovereign BondsThe Real Bubble? I will likely add short positions in Bonds/Assets that invest in Student and Car Debt. A market that is about to implode in my view.

Buy Gold and Silver coins!


Besides this portfolio, I’m also invested for 35k in a pension portfolio through my employer. This is invested in 80% equities, 10% bonds and 10% alternative investments. Hopefully, when I turn 67, there’s a pot of gold waiting to be used for retirement. Just hope it’s still there when I’m entitled to it…

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