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June 30, 2017

Within the next few months, this is how I will likely position my assets:

25% long stocks, 25% The Real Bubble Trade (short Sovereign Bonds), 30% precious metals, 5% cryptocurrencies and 15% cash.


This is my current allocation. So compared to where I want to go there’s still some work to do. And wait for new opportunities that match my ideas.

Total Portfolio: I had a profitable month (+9.3%), once again increasing my assets under management. Two categories that were mainly responsible for this pleasant return:

1) my trading activities of the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Ripple and

2) my CFD Trades in Oil, S&P500, Nasdaq and VIX.

Year to date my Total Portfolio is up 30%, vs my annual target of 10%. So I’m satisfied so far. I do realize that one asset category (cryptos) is mainly responsible for this result. Without the cryptos, I would have returned a bit over 5% net return, still in line with my annual target but not as fancy as the headline suggests.

Let’s take a closer look at every single asset category next.

Cryptocurrencies – I allow myself to invest a max of 10% of my assets in cryptocurrencies, with a lower boundary of 5%. Over the last couple of months, I more than tripled my investments in cryptocurrencies, mainly due to my strategy of buying the dips and selling higher. No rocket science. The advantage of cryptos vs the equity markets is the higher volatility and therefore, more opportunities to swing trade large price moves. Up till now, I was able to trade almost every main trend (change) and sold at the highs and bought the dips. I always take into account that the cryptos could end up worthless, that’s why I take money off the table once it reaches the 10% threshold. I sit on my hands, when I have a 5% exposure, like now. I buy when my exposure drops below 4%. Read more about my Tulip Mania Portfolio here.

Precious Metals – I keep roughly 30% invested in Gold and Silver coins, as protection against the inevitable collapse of our financial system. I’m not a pessimist, on the contrary, but there’s something really messed up in the world of finance if Central Bankers play such a dominant role (for example, this week one CB President said the market interpreted Draghi wrong…so now they’re also telling us how the market should react? Madness….no free market….Biggest problem in my view is the Sovereign Bond Market, Record Low Interest Rates (artificial) and new record levels of debt. A cocktail of ingredients waiting to explode. That’s why I invest in products that increase in value when, not if, the Sovereign Bond Market collapses (The Real Bubble Trade).

The Real Bubble Trade – I added 2% of my assets to short positions EU Sovereign Bonds, topping 5% of assets, spread out over 4 investments. As mentioned before, I will add 1% of my cash every month into these 4 funds. This is a long term trade, betting against the financial ‘health’ of European Sovereign Bonds and the unrealistic, artificial low, interest rates. In my view, this is one of the biggest bubbles ever. I have time, the cost ratio is low and the upside potential is tremendous. Risk vs Reward. Read more here.

CFD Portfolio – June was a decent month for my CFD Portfolio (+3%) mainly trading Oil on the way down, VIX on the way up and the Nasdaq on the way down. Click here for the latest update of my CFD Portfolio, Strategy and Trades of the S&P500, Nasdaq, DAX, VIX, Oil and CopyTrades including weekly and daily charts of the S&P500, Nasdaq, DAX, VIX and Crude Oil. 

Trader of the Day – Within my CFD Portfolio, I use part of my assets to invest in other Traders. Currently, I’m invested in 3 other Traders. What I’m looking for in the Traders that I copy is alpha: generating return in every market trend and with a low risk score. Click here for the latest update of the Trader of the Day.




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