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Portfolio Update

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S&P500 vs VIX – Bearish vs Bullish Divergence

      S&P500 vs VIX The S&P500 is trending near long term resistance line (blue) @ 2440, forming Higher Highs, while the 14 day RSI is not able to keep up the same pace, forming Lower Highs so far. This is called Bearish Divergence and often shows an overshoot […]

Dashboard USA – Weekend Update

Dashboard USA – 7 out of 8 assets is on a LONG signal, bears need 2% downside to trigger new SHORT signals, clearly not there yet so any short position is speculative for now.. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the S&P500 2388 by end of February, early March….to stop […]

Bitcoin – Keep an eye at $915

 LATEST VIDEO UPDATE   FOLLOW MY TRADES Follow my Trades in the S&P500, Nasdaq, VIX, Bitcoin, Bonds and FAZ: http://tripstrading.com/subscriptions Copy My Trades – eToro – January 2017, I joined eToro, a social trading platform. If you would like to follow my Trades, then feel free to copy my Trades […]