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S&P500 – Weekly Update


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A large computerised display of the British FTSE 100 index is pictured in London, on September 8, 2008. The London Stock Exchange said Monday it had been forced to halt trade after experiencing connectivity problems with some clients. "There was a connectivity issue this morning which affected some clients so we have suspended connectivity in order to bring it back in a controlled fashion," an LSE spokeswoman told AFP.  At its suspension the FTSE 100 showed a gain of 3.81 percent at 5,440.20 points. AFP PHOTO/Shaun Curry (Photo credit should read SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

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FTSE 100 – Analysis

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S&P500 – Weekend Update


Hi all, Based on Daily and Weekly Patterns and Longer Term Cycles (10 and 20 week) I assume […]

S&P500 – SEP 5 – 7


Hi all, It seems that wave D of the ABCDE wedge is in progress and will likely bottom at the […]

S&P500 – Weekend Update


The S&P500 broke out to the upside of the diamond pattern and came close to breaking the ATH of […]

S&P500 – Diamonds