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Trading Methodology

I started trading in 1998 and learned the hard way that without a solid trading plan, the market will eat you alive. Over the last 10 years, I have fine tuned my own trading strategy, which is based on Pattern Recognition, Trend Analysis, Cyclical Analysis and a solid Risk Management.

Pattern Recognition

After studying 1000’s of charts, and researching the fundamentals of our economic history, I have come to the conclusion that Jessie Livermore was right:

“There’s nothing new on Wall Street.” Everything that has happened before, will happen again. Same play, different actors.

Trend Analysis

Swimming upstream is usually the most efficient method to get forward and reach your goals.

Betting against the trend is in my view only allowed if you have a free lunch or need to hedge a certain risk position. The Trend is our Friend.

Cyclical Analysis

Based on 10 years of research, it shows that the financial markets, just like most other aspects of life, are trending based on an internal cyclical structure. Like Swiss clockwork.

Normally, time is against us…but now it’s possible to use it in our advantage.

Portfolio and Risk Management

Over the last 20 years, I learned the most important aspect of trading: manage your risk(s).

Everything I do, is focused on 1) preserving and 2) growing my capital, from a total portfolio perspective.

Portfolio Management

I manage my own portfolio, which is invested in Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and Bonds.

US Stocks

Part of my portfolio is invested in global mutual funds, long term positions.

The other part is used for trading the markets, short and medium term at Plus500.

I mainly invest in LTC, BTC and ETH for the long term. Short term, I trade Bitcoin. 


I mainly invest in physical Gold and Silver (coins) as diversification and an insurance for a possible financial reset.

Sovereign Bonds

Interest rates have nowhere to go but up. So I invest part of my assets in products that generate value when interest rates go up. Read more about The Real Bubble Trade here


My greatest heros in life were my grand parents, generally known in our town as The Trips. So I named this website after them.

My name is Edwin, I’m married to my beautiful wife Amber and we have been blessed with our son Riv Eli.

I studied Economics in The Netherlands, worked as an Investment Banker (scumbags) for 5 years, then moved to Amsterdam to work for one of the largest Asset Managers in the world (APG) as an Analyst Listed Stocks (great job and company).

Currently, I have been working for a University of Applied Sciences for 6 years as a teacher for the international students, focusing on International Financial Management. Best job ever as I can use my knowledge and experience to help shape the next generation(s).

In my free time, I love to analyze and trade the financial markets.

Feel free to connect with me on social media to discuss the markets and/or receive updates.

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